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Embrace the Love Within. 

Through discovery and realisation of the truth of your being and by loving and accepting yourself, miraculous healing can occur in all areas of your life. 


The intent of the Hearts Sanctuary is to guide you in reconnecting and strengthening the most vital relationship that you have, the relationship with yourself. With:


  • Empowering Meditation Groups and

  • Light Workers Practice Nights

  • One on One Transformational Sessions

Focusing on unravelling the restrictions and fears that     have built up around you to create dis-ease in your life, the inspiration is to assit in returning your life to a state of ease and joy.




About Bethany



Key Principles of The Hearts Sanctuary


  • At the core of all creation there is love and only love. 

  • Only once you have reached your pinacle of suffering can healing miracles occur in your life. If you you believe you are deserving of the struggle in your life, then struggle you shall until you say "no more".

  • Responsibility, without judgement or blame, for all creation in your life is the key to freedom and the first step to loving yourself and others unconditionally.

  • Receiving is the most important function we can serve, receive the love that is within you and that which surrounds you and you will be able to give more than you ever have before to all that you love. 

  • Integritiy, Sacredness and Compassion are the values that I live by. I aspire to Integrity in my words, work and teachings. I honour the Sacredness of my life and all life as one heart, one soul and one being. I believe in the strength of a vulnerable and compassionate heart and endeavour to act as love would act towards all life and creation.


About The Hearts Sanctuary

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