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Community Events & Workshops

South East Queensland has a vibrant and ever growing commuity of like minded souls who love to join together in celebration of life, the earth and the universe. There is a constant flow of interesting workshops and gatherings for people of all spiritual interests and I am completely behind endorsing events and workshops that enhance our community and also give you the opportunity to connect with your own souls calling.


Please be mindful however that if an event or workshop doesn't feel right for you, listen to your inner guidance and respect what your own heart is saying. There is a reason why your flags are being raised; either the information shared may not be right for you at this point in time or it isn't in alignment with your beliefs and values. Please do not ever comprimise your own values for those of the group or another.  

Friday 26th July 2013

The South East Queensland's

Spiritual Gathering of the Month.


Cameron and Lyza from The Infinite Connection bring togther musicians, psychics, healers and key spiritual practitioners from all over Australia to inform and inspire the broader spiritual community. 


These community nights offer social and business networking, meditation, spiritual and personal development and a chance to connect in with like-minded people from all the Mid North Coast of New South Wales to the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. 


Cameron Monley created these gatherings with the vision of expanding and strengthening the bond of the South East Queensland Spiritual Community and true to this vision every month feels more and more like a family reunion.


Check out their website for further information.

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