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Heart Vibrations

Therapeutic Energy Transformation

Session Information


Bethany predominantly utilises the Diamond Light Healing System while drawing on her experience and knowledge of Reiki, Seichem & Theta Healing Principles.


As a part of the session your numerology is assessed to gain higher understanding of how energy pools and flows in your physical and energetic body. You will be given affirmations specific to your numerological analysis to assist in uncovering and enhancing the gifts already stored within you. Bethany will directly communicate with your soul and your body to gain understanding of the cause of any emotional and physical dis-ease asking that the emotion behind it be brought to the surface to be expressed and allowed to flow.  


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Session Prices


30minutes - $40.00


60minutes - $80.00


90minutes - $120.00


Session Availability


Saturdays: 10am - 6pm


Important Note

It is not advised that this therapy be utlised as a replacement of medical advice or treatment. Bethany acknowedges that she is not a certified medical practitioner and cannot act on the behalf of a qualified doctor. If symptoms of ailments persist it is strongly recommended that the aide of a medical practitioner be sought.  


Transforming Dis-Ease into Pure Health
Having both Energetic and Physical Health is key to maintaining a balanced life. Energetic health occurs in the subtle body or the electromagnetic fields that emanate from within and around you.

All dis-ease and dis-function appear first in the electromagnetic fields before amassing into the physical form.

By tuning into the subtle energies of your body the root cause of a physical ailment can be discovered, as well as detecting and releasing energetic dis-harmony before it anchors into the physical body.


As someone who is sensitive to these vibrational frequencies Bethany is able to sense where occurrences of energetic discordance lies within your auric field and is able to tap into the cause in order to bring awareness and understanding so that you have the opportunity to release in a safe a loving environment.


Bethany is a Diamond Light Teacher/Practitioner as well as a qualified Reiki & Seichem Master  ThetaHealing Practitioner and draws on her understanding of these modalities along with her own intuition to assist the transformation of your energtic health. 


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