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What is Reiki


Reiki is the practice of healing via connection with the Universal Source of Healing Energy. It is a spiritual practice founded in Japan during the 1920's by Buddhist Monk Mikao Usui. Rei is translated from Japanese as Universal Conciousness and Ki meaning Life Force, the practice being to bring both these elements together to promote health and vitality of body, mind and spirit.


Why Have a Reiki Treatment?


Reiki is a healing modality that can be used for a wide range of purposes. It is especially useful for reducing stress and anxiety as it induces a meditative state while the healing occurs and allows the you to slip into a deep mode of relaxation. Reiki is effective in the treatment of both physical and emotional ailments and works to determine the cause of the issue rather than only treating the symptom.  



What Happens During a Reiki Treatment?


The Reiki Practitioner connects with the Universal Source of Energy and acts as a conduit as the healing energy channels through their body via the crown of the head and flowing out of their palms. The healing energy is then transfered to the client. The practitioner scans the client's auric field for area's that are sensed to be in need of healing or alignment and works with the energy to transform it back into universal alignment.





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