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Therapeutic Energy Transformation

Fall in love with yourself and transform pain into love


Thank you for booking in for a one on one energy transformation session, I look forward to working with you to assist in transforming restricted energy into free flowing love. 


Please read below about what may happen during the session, this is however only a guideline as your soul and  spirit may have other plans in mind. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me

about your session


  • Bethany predominantly utilises the Diamond Light Healing System while drawing on her experience and knowledge of Reiki, Seichem & Theta Healing Principles.


  • As a part of the session your birth date is assessed to gain higher understanding of how energy pools and flows in your physical and energetic body.


  • Bethany will directly communicate with your body and energetic fields to gain understanding of the cause of any emotional and physical dis-ease, working with you and asking that the emotion behind any discomfort be brought to the surface to be expressed and allowed to flow in a caring space.


Leading Up To Your Session


Your healing starts to occur as soon as you make the booking, sometimes this can appear positive and sometimes negative. It is important that in leading up to your session you take note of events that are occuring in your life, any physical or emotional pain and any illness that has become apparent after making the booking. Be gentle with yourself during this time and keep in mind that all that is happening around you is apart of the healing journey.




It is important that you remain well hydrated leading up to your session and for at least 48 hours after your session by drinking the daily recommended amount of pure water. 

This is important (not only because it is good for you) as it assists the flow of energy being transformed during the session and continues to allow the energy to flow afterward.



Unit 27 - 3 Clancy Court Tugun


Kamilaroi Appartments are half way down Clancy Court on the right. Please take the second entrance and feel free to use the visitor car parks. 


Unit 27 entrance is opposite the car wash bay and skips, please ring the bell to gain access to the building. 

Contact Bethany

Phone  - 0402 535 499

Facebook Message  - Here

Send an email - Here

Important Note


It is not advised that this therapy be utlised as a replacement of medical advice or treatment. 

Bethany acknowedges that she is not a certified medical practitioner and cannot act on the behalf of a qualified doctor. If symptoms of ailments persist it is strongly recommended that the aid of a medical practitioner be sought.  

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